Finding the right domain name – Here are a few tips

Naming your business is not so difficult – naming and getting your domain name registered is not that simple. There are legal considerations, SEO considerations, and customer considerations to think about! But not to worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips to help you:

It Should Be Easy To Type

Sometimes words are easy to say but tough to type; remember that many people often search on their mobile devices – less screen, more chance of error. Keep it reasonably short and simple, with least chances of misspellings. Names that are too long or complex also have the potential to create bloopers.

Keywords are Important

Try to include keywords that describe your business; for example, if you’re a real estate agent, you may want something like, etc. Try to include keywords that people would enter to search for your products or services. This not just helps potential customers find you, it also boosts your search engine rank and helps you get more organic traffic.


This can be done in two ways – one is to include the area name in your domain, like, or; the other is to get an extension that specifies your target location like the major companies have: (France), (china) – you can have or, or similar.

Avoid Numbers and Characters

These can be misunderstood; if your domain name is 5 star drycleaning, for example, people may be confused whether to type 5 or five; if you have 5* dry cleaning, people may type star instead of the symbol. It’s best to stick to letters only; avoid hyphens, as these can be placed incorrectly or left out altogether.

Make it catchy

With millions of domain names registered, coming up with an attention grabbing name is crucial; use friends and family as sounding boards once you come up with suitable names, and check its appeal.

Be Legally Safe

Check online to see if the name you have chosen has not been registered, trademarked or copyrighted by any other business or individual; if you don’t check, and it indeed was trademarked by another entity, you may get into huge legal trouble and end up spending a lot of money.

Make the Name Brandable

This is opposite to the keyword strategy, but it’s also something you can try; if you become an internet sensation, your brand will become a word. For example, people don’t say, ‘search online’ as much; they just say, ‘Google it’; whatsapp me the contact number, let’s Uber it to the mall, and so on. Think of a name that is not a word but can be branded. It should be:

  • Unique
  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to pronounce and dictate
  • Something that inspires trust

The names mentioned above are all short and snappy – easy to remember, and unique. Brainstorm with combinations of words and suffixes to come up with potential names. Put yourself in a customer’s shoes and think whether the name sounds trustworthy to your ears.

Try Searching in a Thesaurus

If the going gets too tough, try searching through a thesaurus to get alternative words or synonyms for the ones you want but are already taken. Since thesauruses also provide word meanings or definitions, you can ensure that you’re not using a word with the wrong meaning. You can alter a letter here or there to make it a non-standard word (like Uber or Google).

Try Domain Name Generators

If you feel you’re unable to come up with a cool domain name, try online tools that can help you; enter a keyword, and these generators will churn out dozens of suggestions of available and valid domain names. Examples of such tools are: LeanDomainSearch, Nameboy, Business name generator by Shopify, etc.

You can try any other method that works for you; you can also ask us for help! At Domain Paq, we can help you in your search for the perfect domain name, and register your site too. Contact Us today for more information on domain names, pricing, and hosting packages.

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