The Difference Between Windows and Linux Web Hosting Explained


The Difference Between Windows and Linux Web Hosting Explained
You may have come across different web hosting services with most servers having Linux or Windows OSs pre-installed. Choosing the right hosting service can be really difficult especially when you don’t know anything about the platforms and other web hosting features. The platform of the hosting service is the most important of all, and hence we have explained the major differences between Windows and Linux Web Hosting in this article.
Windows and Linux are the two common platforms offered by the web hosting service providers and they both have great features. Before moving further list out the things you need from your server such as the hosting plans, capabilities and different features. This will allow quick and easy comparison. We hope the insights given below will help you select the right web hosting solution for your e-commerce site.

Windows vs. Linux hosting: What is the same?
As mentioned about Windows and Linux servers have different performance, security, database formats, and other features. But first, let us discuss their common features. For instance, when it comes to data management, Linux and Windows follow a similar approach. FTP server is a tool found in both systems which is fast and easy. Furthermore, the two OS are compatible with HTML (.html) and JavaScript (.js). Windows platforms and Linux platforms can host static HTML file almost same.
Both Linux and Windows provide you with CGI, a tool used for working on shopping. So if you are looking to work with forms and dynamic content both are pretty good.
When it comes to Stability and security, windows and Linux web hosting systems are dependable and cannot be compared.

Linux Hosting
The convenience offered by Linux makes it extremely popular. MySQL, PHP, and price add to its feasibility, ease of use and convenience. PHP and MySQL work well on Linux as the two formats work together. This combination is not achieved on windows servers.
You should know that Linux was originally used for PHP and MySQL, so the whole system of this OS is personalized to these two formats. When compared to Windows Linux is much cheaper and you can take advantage of its flexible system, popular coding and database formats.

Windows Server OS
The Windows-powered server is best suited If your webmasters work with ASP.NET. You should know that ASP.NET works with different database types. It is commonly believed that ASP.NET algorithm helps Windows servers to work with big databases faster.
The script and database languages that require Windows-based platforms include

  • ASP Classic
  • MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Visual Basic Development
  • MS Access (Microsoft Access)
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • C#

While some of the scripts and database applications are pre-installed on the web hosting server, you should install the rest after purchasing a license.

Windows or Linux — What to Choose?
There is no clear winner. Based on your requirements, type of script language and database application that is required for the functioning of the website you have to make a choice between Windows and Linux.

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